Read and Understand Latin/CDROM

Read and Understand Latin/CDROM teaches Latin Vocabulary (more than 7,5000 words/phrases/sentences), Grammar, Sentence Generation, Pronunciation, Reading, comprehension of authentic Latin texts, key aspects of Life in ancient Rome, and provides an Encyclopedia of notable persons/places (over 200 entries and maps) for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. The course is totally interactive, easy and fun to use, requires only the mouse and uses thousands of custom-made color pictures (about 5,000 pictures), sounds (about 5,000 sounds) and illustrated printouts (about 2,500 printouts).

It provides a vocabulary referring to daily life themes such as people, gods, mythology, numbers, clothing, food, animals, colors, location, parts of the body and many more.

It covers almost all of Latin grammar: spelling, gender, number and cases, conjugations and declensions, regular and irregular verb tenses, use of the tenses in an affirmative, interrogative or negative construction, thorough explanations about all parts of speech.

It gives a solid background about Latin phonetics, teaches sound discrimination and presents the characteristics of Latin pronunciation and prosody.

It introduces Latin Reading through selected texts of authentic Latin literature: Caesar, Catullus, Cicero, Hyginus, Ovid, Phaedrus, Plinius, Seneca, Servius and Vergil.

Rapid Language Acquisition Techniques are used to speed up the learning process. Teaching material is presented in many different ways (picture, sound, text and handwriting) in order to create multiple stimuli for enhanced memory recall.

The comprehension of the material taught throughout the course is tested with a set of about 6,600 exercises that are fun to do.


Sample of Customer Comments
* Charles Nutter - USA - (25 February 2008)
It's an excellent course.
* Don Durrant - New Zealand (27 March 2005)
Hi there, I am enjoying the Latin course very much. Great job !
* Sarah Honeycutt - USA - (22 June 2003)
I am enjoying the course very much and having no trouble at all getting the motivation to sit down for my nightly session with the computer. The Latin Stories section looks fantastic, and I can't wait until I have learned enough to be able to translate them myself.
* Lowell B. Koppel - USA - (27 June 2003)
I think your program is excellent. For the past year, I’ve been trying to teach myself Latin from the Cambridge Latin Course Series of textbooks. I’ve made some progress. But without “hearing” the material I’m reading, I’m not getting what I want. I had previously bought another CD-based course on Latin ...but found it skimpy and only marginally helpful.
Based on what I’ve observed to date, I think your course will help me towards my initial objective – to tackle the Aeneid in Latin (with a dictionary close by I’m sure).