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Anotek specializes in multimedia interactive methods to learn languages.
Our products and course materials use high technology to simplify and enhance learning.
This site describes Read and Understand Latin, a totally interactive, comprehensive and illustrated CD-ROM that teaches Latin Vocabulary (more than 7,500 words/phrases/sentences), Grammar, Pronunciation, Reading, Comprehension of authentic Latin texts, Life in Rome and Encyclopedia for notable persons/places for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Course teaches the material taught in about 700 school-hours of Latin and has more than 6,500 exercises that are fun to do. This course assumes no prior knowledge of Latin.

Our course is contained in 2 CDROMs whose files must be transferred to the Hard Disk. The course requires a multimedia WINDOWS PC, or a multimedia MAC using a WINDOWS emulator, and the following: (a) minimum 128 MB RAM and (b) minimum 1GB free space on the Hard Disk.


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